How Do I Know Its Time To Update My Website

How Do I Know It’s Time to Update My Website?

How Do I Know Its Time To Update My Website

How Do I Know It’s Time to Update My Website?

How do I know it’s time to update my website? A question we all ask – even us!

When is it time to pivot into a new direction when we’re still fond of the road we were on?

As it is with everything, we are often too close to tell for ourselves. That said, when it comes to websites, there are a few indicators that can tell you it is, indeed time.

Your Website is No Longer Optimized for Usability

This one is huge. For the modern user, if your website is just not functional or useful for them, they will quickly leave – regardless of how good it may appear aesthetically.

You have Re-Branded

Sometimes companies switch gears from within – whether it’s due to a new product, new market, new owners.

Differences in branding cannot go unreflected from the outside for very long without your current or potential customers becoming confused.

It’s Been Way Too Long

Just like web design becomes outdated, users will also change their preferences over time. In order to appeal to an evolving marketing and target audience, your website needs to be updated as well.

Too Many People Have Tampered with It

A big mistake we’ve seen is when businesses allow an in-house employee who is not a web developer make changes to the website. No matter how minute, even small changes done by someone who doesn’t really know what they’re doing will affect how your website functions.

It’s Too Slow

Nothing’s worse than waiting for a webpage to load – especially when someone’s looking over your shoulder.

When your website takes too long to load, it doesn’t look professional or well-designed.

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