5 Reasons Y Your Brand Colours Are Important

5 Reasons Y Your Brand Colours Are Important

You come into the Y5 office. You are greeted by our smiling faces, a cute doggo, a yummy snack from the “friending machine”, and a coffee at our THINK table.

We sit you down, take out our pens and papers, and things get a little daunting as we start asking you some tough questions.

“What is your business personality? Please describe it sing keywords as if it were a person.”
“Who are your main competitors and how do they market themselves?”

Then we get into the branding stuff – “What colours do you use?”

Your colour palette is a big decision. You don’t need to make any binding choices immediately, but it’s great if you come into your Discovery with some ideas.

Why are your Brand’s colours so important?

1 Colours Can Indicate Industry

If you look inside your industry at your peers and their businesses, chances are you will find some similarities.

Certain colours or tones are associated with feelings or activities; you could also use those colours to indicate what kind of field you’re in.

2 Colours that are Complimentary

What you want at the end of the day are colours that will look good together. You may like certain colours separately but together they may not complement each other.

Choosing the colours for your brand can be a challenge, but we can help you incorporate the colours you picture into a palette that compliments your brand.

3 Colours Set You Apart

While there may be commonalities in your industry regarding branding colours, Y5 will always make sure that you stand apart.

Colour can help us do that by making choices that say something different and highlight the qualities of your brand.

4 Colour is Emotional

Heard of colour psychology? Certain colours make us associate brands or objects with emotions.

Definitely something to consider.

5 Colurs Reflect Your Brand

Every brand is unique. When you come into our Y5 office, we’re not asking all these questions to overwhelm you, we want to get to know every facet of your brand.

Coming in with a few ideas of colours or textures you like can help us determine how to frame your branding, and how a digital marketing strategy can work over all for you from the graphic design and web design perspective.

Call Y5 at 778-379-2177 to chat about new branding for your business and why working with us can help you reach your goals.

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