Does a strong brand strategy help attract customers?

Simply put, yes, the two are directly related.

Your brand is the vehicle that
allows you to tell your story and
without it, you can’t communicate
who you are as a company.

Carol Colley, Founder and Agency Director of Y5 Creative

Creating a brand identity is the first step your company must take once you’ve settled on your business plan and the service or product you are selling.

It’s essential to create a brand strategy to support the success of your brand. It acts as a roadmap, a process that takes you through all the steps necessary to position your organization as a leading, trusted and preferred choice for your target market in your specific industry.

While scrolling through the chapters, you’ll discover:
  • What a brand strategy looks like
  • Aspects of a well-branded company
  • Questions to ask yourself when creating a brand strategy
  • Brand and its relation to social media
  • The importance of a brand refresh
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