Our wonderful clients, Bella and Simon came to discuss their plan to open a gift store with a difference on Main Street in Vancouver. They were looking for a brand that represented the experience of browsing in a store that offers not only gifts but home décor, soft furnishings, and products from artists all over the world. They wanted a name that would appeal to the millennials in the neighbourhood and reflect that the store is “not what you expect, but everything that you want” – Uniquely different from any other store in Vancouver.

The Y5 team worked with them to develop the name of the brand and once Olive+Wild was selected, our in-house Trademark Agent submitted the documents for Trademark registration. We then began the branding process all the while knowing that we had to create a brand that was chic, tasteful, uncluttered, friendly, welcoming and sustainable. Because the products sold in the store are unique and not only from local artisans but from talented artists worldwide, the décor in the store has a European flair, reflecting the impeccable taste of Bella and Simon. Y5 matched that with a brand that is unique, fresh, clean, sharp and grounded. The brand was easy to expand into a website that is simple to navigate and gives the viewer an insight into the wonderful world of Olive+Wild.

Olive+Wild has developed into a sought-after destination store that embodies the owner’s mantra of Giving and Living. Customers have become regulars and drop in to see what is new and what is cool to buy for themselves or as gifts. Through social media marketing and word of mouth, they have attracted a steady stream of customers who regularly comment on the beautiful brand. Olive+Wild is one of our favourites!

Shout out

Thank you to Carol and her team at Y5 Creative. They were great to work with and helped build our branding for Olive+Wild. They listened to our vision and were brilliant in creating the look and feel for us. We receive many favourable comments on our branding and highly recommend Y5 to any new or old business looking to set themselves apart from the pack. Thanks again you guys were fantastic.

Simon Zaidel

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