Gerald from Van Arbour design who are experienced millworkers, came to Y5 Creative to assist him with elevating his brand and website. He wanted to communicate the message that Van Arbour is not just another trade, but rather a trusted partner. The overall goal of the brand refresh and the new website was to “change the conversation” so that clients make better decisions and avoid unnecessary costs. Years of experience have given Gerald the knowledge to educate and help clients with every step of the building process. His end goal is to prevent them from saying “I LEARNED ALL THE THINGS I SHOULDN’T HAVE DONE AFTER I WAS FINISHED BUILDING”.

The first stage of the process was to elevate the brand. We did this in collaboration with the Van Arbour team and created a brand that is simple, classy and reflects the professional, innovative and quality service that they provide. The colour palette was defined, and once we had that in hand, work on the design and communication style of the website began. Time was spent explaining the process and communicating it in a fun and straightforward way – SPACE – CASE – HARDWARE – FACE.

The website that Y5 Creative built is a showcase of the exceptional work that Van Arbour produces. The photography provided by them is top quality, allowing the viewer to get a real sense of the endless possibilities available when creating millwork for kitchens, offices, bathrooms etc. The website has the answers to any question that can be asked, which makes it a hugely valuable resource if you are looking to build or renovate your home. We are very proud of this one!

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