Lumasso provides custom, innovative and reliable screen and awning solutions with a friendly, personal touch.

Tony Massot launched Lumasso with the intention of fusing together his interests, passions, and abilities. Tony came to us with 10 years of screen sales and installation experience and with the dream of combining his work with the ethics of making the world more livable for those that inhabit it.

Tony had the knowledge and the experience in his industry, what he needed was legitimacy – a brand that would represent his values, as well as an informative and eye-catching website that would contribute to his overall success.

Y5 provided all of that and more by creating a brand that encompasses Tony’s passions. We gave his company a name, a logo, and designed a beautiful website that is easily maneuvered with branding that is just as appealing on the print collateral we also provided.

Lumasso’s belief that reliable, custom solutions enable us to give back – a cornerstone and driving factor that allows us to serve those that are disadvantaged in the world – made working with Tony a pleasure.


  • Business Name
  • Branding
  • Logo Design
  • Trademarking
  • Tagline/ Slogan
  • Website Design
  • Development
  • Content Creation
  • Stationary
  • Business Card
  • Social Media Branding
  • Print Collateral


Y5 Creative Case Studies 2017 Logo Lumasso

Website Design & Development

Y5 Creative Case Studies 2017 Website Lumasso

Design Elements

Business Cards

Y5 Creative Case Studies 2017 Business Cards Lumasso

What they say

“After having set foot on the other side of the unassuming orange signage on the windows, I realized I was not in a typical business environment! Both John and Carol quickly took interest in my desire to one day put an end to my disorganized approach to business, and to life. Right away they could see – this is you Tony, be proud of who you are! And I said – really? You mean my ideas are not crazy? They said of course not! We will help you organize your ideas and get a website that works for you.

Once I started working with them, they triggered my personal interests into something I am very proud of today. I had approached business with the notion that my ideas were unsound as they are so different from those of my circle of friends and family. From the beginning they sought to understand who I was as a person before even approaching the idea of the website. I really appreciated that more than anything since I was convinced I was doomed to a business existence, not a business success. I am extremely happy with the website, and the cool business cards they have designed for me, along with making sure I keep the concepts clear and uniform with other printing material. I am still on a learning curve with Y5 Creative, but I feel I have a solid branding base from which to work with, and know that they will continue to help me maintain, and evolve my website to keep up with new changes in products and services.

Thank you Y5 Creative for bringing out who I really am in the branding process, for developing a website that I am proud of ( everybody says – oh nice website! After having seen my old one…!), and teaching me how to use social media.

Thanks to the whole team!”



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