Andrew has been a realtor since 2012 and decided it was time to go out on his own and put together his own real estate team, Lasko + Associates Real Estate Group.

As one of the Top 1% Realtors in Vancouver, Andrew wanted to create a brand that stood out from the crowd and reflected his distinct personality, his exceptional knowledge, diligent attention to detail and his strong ability to form lasting relationships with his clients.

Lasko + Associates required a brand and website that was professional, refined and edgy. When developing his brand, it was crucial to hit the mark by graphically communicating that there is only one Andrew Lasko and he provides simple solutions to complex real estate related problems.

We worked collaboratively with Andrew to develop his new brand. He chose the name Lasko + (plus) Associates to subtly infer that when you work with Andrew and his team you get way more than you realize as well as a reference to Andrew’s background in accounting.

The basic components of the logo are built from typography, integrated glyphs using the chartreuse green colour as an accent. Overall it is simple, clean and balanced, successfully portraying a feeling of casual elegance.

A huge part of developing this brand was colour choice. Andrew wanted his brand to be different and stand out, so the colour palette was chosen not only to achieve this but also to complement the Oakwyn Realty colour palette when marketed together.

The brand really comes together beautifully with the website which perfectly reflects the Lasko + Associates personality, offerings and uniqueness.

Andrew wanted to add some unique features to the website which would differentiate Lasko + Associates from other realtors who do not offer that depth of information. “Case Studies” and “Listing Prep” have an amazing amount of advice for both buyers and sellers and act as a resource for any questions that a client may have.

The most important part was integrating the IDX which feeds real estate listings from the MLS database directly into the website. Transparency and engagement were a high priority for Andrew so we added the “ASK LASKO” button which gives access to Lasko + Associates via Facebook Messenger, this encourages clients to start the conversation.

Shout out

The Y5 creative team did an exceptional job on my team’s brand concept and web design. Inevitably all such process have hiccups, and even these were dealt with quickly and efficiently, always coming up with novel solutions to maintain budget and timeline. They are like a small family and they treat you like part of it. The end result brand was precisely the look I was after, and the web design puts my competition to shame. I have zero qualms recommending this exceptional team to any small to large company looking for a professional, dedicated and talented creative and web team.

Andew Lasko
Lasko + Associates

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