Suzy Hupfau was introduced to Y5 Creative to explore creating Hupfau Dental’s first-ever website. Hupfau Dental is a very well-established family practice in Vancouver that has been in existence for 52 years. Father and daughter team, Peter and Suzy Hupfau are exceptionally well respected in the dental community in Vancouver and have treated generations of families over the years. The challenge was how Y5 Creative could create a brand that reflects their stellar reputation as well as their warmth and compassion elegantly while also communicating the clinical excellence and care they deliver to their patients.

As our mantra says, “The Brand Always Comes First”! After a fun discovery session with the whole Hupfau team around our Think table, we began to understand the culture of this fantastic group of people. Gathering input from diverse perspectives enabled the Y5 design team to create a brand that is simple and stands apart from the “smiley tooth” logos out there. The colour palette and the watermark generate a sense of tranquillity, removing anxiety some patients may feel before a visit to the dentist.

Collaborating closely with Suzy, the brand developed into a website that is classy, simple to navigate and captures the expertise of the practice and the warmth of the experience they provide.

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