You Too Can Have a Pantone Personal Colour

If you could have your very own Pantone colour, unique just like you, would you?

Jay Z was the first person to hire Pantone for the creation of his own branded colour – his Jay Z “pearly blue”.

However, he’s one of two people to create custom colours; Sherry Chris, president and chief executive of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate now has her very own custom Pantone, SC 2011, a hot pink.

How are personal Pantones created?

The Pantone process is all about finding that exact shade that represents the spirit of the project. For instance, Jay Z brought in a piece of an old motorcycle, while Sherry Chris used her favourite scarf.

Then the Pantone Institute analyzes the object, generating hundreds of potential colour choices for swatches.

From there, once the colour choices have been narrowed down and the client is given swatches and samples, as well as CMYK values and a unique number in the Pantone catalog.

Who else has custom Pantone colours?

As we mentioned, so far only two people have their own unique colours; however, there are a few businesses (which you’ve probably heard of) who hired Pantone – Tiffany & Co.’s trademark blue, for instance.

Your business can have a custom Pantone too, it’ll just cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

As a digital marketing agency that deals with branding, we know the importance of choosing colour palettes or business colours that are unique and that perfectly reflect the brand personality of a business.

So while having your own Pantone colour is very cool, Y5 won’t ask you to spend that kind of dough just on your business colours alone, but we will help you find unique branding that your target audience will respond to and remember you for.



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