You Need a Digital Detox

In any profession, regardless if you are a “creative professional” or not, it remains a requirement that you be alert and creative throughout the week.

Whether it’s contributing at meetings, or offering your opinion to a friend in need of a solution, there is always a need for brainstorming inside that noggin of yours.

While your cell phone calendar, and Google alerts, and Toggle organization all help to keep your buzzing busyness at a simmer instead of a full blown-out explosion, apparently there are some serious downsides to our constant digital consumption.

According  to the NY Times, regardless of the positive usages of the internet and our devices, our digital consumption affects our ability to engage in conversation as well as our ability to be creative!

There are countless tips on how to unplug – from setting aside time every day to turn all devices off to only logging on at specific hours for an allotted amount of time.

Regardless it becomes apparent to all of us at some point that while it feels like the digital world is taking over our lives, there is also the feeling that we don’t actually want to disconnect.

While there are so many apps constantly making us accessible to everyone, and it is overwhelming, the other side to consider is that our technology keeps us connected.

Our friends who have moved away, family across the world, learning something new – we have the opportunity to share online. That is something pretty special if you ask us; perhaps even something we shouldn’t disconnect from.

So how do we handle the balance? Well, we can’t really tell you that – mostly because we’re trying to find our own balance. Between sending a beloved friend a birthday wish, and spending hours on the perfect LinkedIn profile, where do we draw the line?

What apps or websites would you disconnect from, if any? Let us know in the comments!

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