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“Y” Your Brand Colours are Important

When you come into the Y5 office for our customized discovery session, you are greeted first by our smiling faces, a cute puppy called Ralfie, a yummy snack from our “friending machine”, and a great cup of coffee as we invite you to pull up a chair and take a seat at our THINK table.

This is when we take out our pens and papers, and we dig deep by asking you to share your story with us, albeit with some tough questions.

“What is your business personality? Please describe it in keywords as if it were a person.” “Who are your main competitors, and how do they market themselves?”

The fun really starts when we get into the nitty-gritty of the touch and feel of your Brand. “What colours do you like, dislike, want and use?”

Your colour palette is a big decision. You don’t need to make any binding choices immediately, but it most definitely helps if you come into your Discovery with some pre-conceived ideas.

Why are your Brand’s colours so important?

1. Colours Can Indicate Industry

Check out the branding and websites of your competitors. What do you see? Chances are you will find some similarities between them, colours being one of them. Different colours and tones are associated with certain feelings and activities and can be overused when representing a particular industry.

2. Colours are Complimentary

What you want at the end of the day are colours that will look good together. You may like specific colours when they stand alone but put them together, and they may not complement each other.

This is when our expert eye comes in to guide you in choosing the colour palette for your Brand. The best part is seeing colours that you would never have thought of putting together strikingly work. A great colour palette should knock your socks off and those of your clients too!

3. Colours Set You Apart

Why be the same as your competition? Y5 will always make sure that your Brand stands apart from the rest and “shines”!

It is all about highlighting the outstanding qualities of your unique Brand. This can be done not only with skilful design but with the colour choice too.

4. Colours are Emotional

Let’s talk about emotion. How would you like your clients to feel when they interact with your Brand? Colours are deeply connected to our feelings and associations, and that can be explored by reading about colour psychology, and connecting your colour choices to the way you want your clients to relate to your brand.

5. Colours Reflect Your Brand

Every Brand is unique. When you come into our Y5 office, we’re asking these questions, not to overwhelm you, but rather to help you to delve deep and share all the facets of your Brand with us.

Our end goal is to make your Brand speak for itself and communicate your core values through the colours you choose.

Call Y5 at 778-379-2177 or contact us to chat about new branding for your business and why working with us can help you reach your goals.

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