Y Content is Basic in Style and Format

Recently we came across an article on how to write for people with dyslexia.

Most of the information of how to be accommodating to people with reading disabilities is pretty standard. The article relates advice such as: Use short sentences, avoid italics, and only using one space after a period. As we said, pretty standard stuff.

However, while content writers keep in mind basic writing in order to appeal to the most audiences, this article does bring to mind the question of whom we are forgetting.

For instance, screen readers. Screen readers read text aloud for those who are blind. Screen reader programs can be very good, but are not perfect. Depending on the font you use, screen readers can still make mistakes.

Another example is those who have synesthesia, or the phenomenon in which other senses can be stimulated from reading, hearing, etc. For instance, for a person with synesthesia, they may perceive letters or numbers as inherently colored or textured resulting in a more or less pleasurable experience.

While all synesthetes are different, perceive different colors or images, it would be possible to write content all in one color, right?


What are some other interesting ways we could use text? Send us your comments!

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