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Y Can a Colour Change Everything?

Every year, Pantone names a “Colour of the Year”. Oddly enough, their choice always seems to be right on point, hits the right sentiment for what the new year will bring – all with a simple colour choice!

As many have heard, for the first time ever, the colour of the year for 2016 is actually two colours: Rose Quarts and Serenity. A perfect balance representing equality and fluidity. In an enormous time of change, the combination seems apt in prescribing some wisdom to all of us; finding the harmony of reaching out to others and taking care of ourselves, finding the symmetry of challenging ourselves and embracing peace.

At Y5 Creative, we’re big fans of colour. So to answer your question… Y does a colour have the ability to inspire and influence such balance?

We see and make colour choices every day that characterize what we encounter. The colours we meet represent the emotions we wish to impress and instill. They tell us what is inside, what we can expect following first glance.

After a hectic (and productive) 2015, it’s time to play around and continue to innovate. However, innovation has a way of knocking us off center, so balance is going to be a crucial sentiment this year. Balance this year will mean having the courage to leap forward while knowing someone (that could be us!) has your back.

Rose Quartz and Serenity may just be colours, but they will set the tone for the whole year. When we start off well, the journey is a lot easier.

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