Which Type of Creative are You?

At Y5 we love learning. Podcasts, reading, videos, you name it. TedTalks are always a fun way for us to see one point of view on a variety of different topics – sometimes learn, sometimes be inspired.

We came across a quiz lately: Which TedTalk is Right For You?

Well, we took this quiz, and oddly enough it was more so a personality quiz than just a recommendation!

While we never like putting people in boxes with titles, sometimes knowing where you fit in the sphere of creativity can help you know where to go next.

Certainly in Digital Marketing, and even specifically at Y5 we have categories: The Writer, The Techie, etc.

What’s cool about having these roles is how we can use them all combined together to create something really awesome.

Being a Jack of all Trades can definitely be useful, but knowing what skill to hone, to expand upon, can teach us where we need to expend most of our energy to do the best we can and produce the best results.

Truthfully, there’s nothing wrong with being The Creative, The Techie, The Business Person; however knowing which skills to supplement your skill set with is also exciting.

A successful blog post of involves a few different skills: Content, Graphics, some basic coding, and Web Design. Now I’m no Master of all trades, but I do have a fantastic team of Creatives to help with the things I don’t know how to do as well as they do. As a team we work together to use the skills we’ve honed to produce one final product. A result, mind you, that is the collective work of a few people who have contributed specific skills.

Without some categorization, we wouldn’t be such a productive and well-rounded team! So, what category do you fit in?

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