What Makes an… Italian?

You know we love NY Times videos. Recently we watched a video – How To Be Italian – staring fashion designer, Fausto Puglisi.

First of all, spot on.

Secondly, Here’s “How to be an Italian” (according to Puglisi, at least):


  1. Drink Espresso
  2. Love Madonnas (classical, and of the Material Girl variety)
  3. Smoke (Anywhere)
  4. Speak with Your Hands
  5. Be Extra Affectionate
  6. Wear Lots of Gold Jewelry
  7. And Love Your Mother


Very Italian, yes?

This list got us thinking – if this is how to be an Italian, how does one be a Y5-er?

Well let’s think… a few things each of us does on a daily basis:


  1. Play with our devilishly handsome office mascot, Ozi our Chief Barketing Officer (and Olde English Buldogge)
  2. Snack from our Free office vending machine (Cheesies, anyone?)
  3. Drink lots of coffee
  4. Collaborate on all Projects
  5. Ask for Second, or Third, Opinions
  6. Hold Meetings at the “THINK” Table
  7. And tell each other we’ll do something “Just now” (Hint – it doesn’t mean what you think).


Not sure if just seven habits cover all it is to be a part of Y5. Each member of Y5 is so different. It is the combination of us all and of all of our skills that makes this such a creative, fun, and driven environment.

That said, free snacks, puppy cuddles, and a collaborative team are not bad either.


Want to work with Y5 and experience our contagious energy (and grab a snack from our “friending” machine, of course)? Give us a call at 778-379-2177 to speak with us about your brand and our digital marketing services!

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