Understanding other cultures is not easy. Travelling is a way many of us attempt to accomplish just that. However, unless we move to another country, at least semi-permanently, it is pretty hard to really get a full picture.

Aziz Ansari took viewers to the South of India where his parents are from in a video for the NY Times. He takes you in the equivalent of a cab (scary), and grabs some local food. Along the way he even teaches viewers a few choice exclamations from his spoken dialect.

In total, the video spans 2:10. That’s it.

Do we feel we really understand the culture? Well, not completely, no. However, there are a few moments that are telling. Stopping on the side of the road for a coconut from some locals; Ansari’s face when you can telling he’s REALLY enjoying his food (which he was not provided a menu for); all in all, it was a nice introduction.

The truth is, the more time you spend with a culture the more you come to understand it. You have to put in the time and work.

We encounter a lot of people (clients or otherwise) who know Social Media exists, and know it’s kinda important, but don’t fully understand it.

Maybe they signed up for a Twitter account, but “Nothing happened. I got 12 followers. How’s that going to help my business?”

Using Twitter haphazardly for a month, opening it up a couple times for a few minutes won’t help your business.

Just like immersing yourself in a different culture… well, actually Social Media is a Culture in its own right, and it takes interest and a time commitment.

There is Social Media specific language, social etiquette, Social heroes, a way to display your food, and a history; and it all takes energy to understand.

While Aziz Ansari did a great job showing a teeny slice of India, it wasn’t the full meal, was it?

Same goes for Social Media. If you want to fully understand it then you need to commit to the time it takes to learn and make connections with locals.

If you don’t have the time, then that’s where Y5 comes in.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments section below!



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