What do NASA Visual Artists and Y5 Digital Marketing Have in Common?

You’ve probably heard of Trappist-1 and its 7 surrounding exoplanets at this point – hanging out roughly forty light years away.

What is super cool about Trappist-1 are the Earth-like exoplanets orbiting the star. They are about the same mass and size as Earth, and they exist far enough, but not too close, from Trappist-1 that water will not boil or freeze – a sign of the possibility of life.

So, you know those really cool photos you see online of space and new planets and stars? Well, they’re not photos taken with a satellite or anything like that. They’re created by artists, actually.

NASA employs visual artists that conceptualize planets, exoplanets, stars, meteors, etc., and create stunning visuals for the public. How do they do this without any visual cues? What scientists do have access to are things like weight, mass, density – all presented in neat graphs.

With these details in mind, NASA’s visual artists create visuals as close as they can to what Trappist-1 and its orbiting exoplanets may look like to the eye from afar.

We actually shared the video below from WIRED on social media last month, but we thought we’d like to expand on it because it’s so cool!

The truth is we are all well versed in different things. We can’t know everything.

NASA visual artists use scientific details to make space more accessible to the public, which is kind of like how a digital marketing agency like Y5 uses inbound marketing best practices and analytics to write blogs, social posts, or create websites and logos as representations of statistics and data we know represents our target audience’s interests and needs.

We also use graphs, excel sheets, and numbers to create something fun, informative, and unique for you, our readers, and the public that the world of digital marketing is a little less daunting and out of reach.

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