We’re All Terrible at Giving Compliments

We’re all pretty used to hearing compliments at this point. “Your hair looks great today!”, “Cool Shoes!”, “You’re the best!” are all dropped on the daily without much thought. Maybe your coworker’s hair really does look great today. I bet those are really cool shoes. However, we’ve heard these compliments so much that at some point they kind of ceased to have meaning.

Not to say that we should stop giving compliments, or that these compliments mean any less if they were given sincerely.

That said, truly good compliments have a little something extra – just like good Web Content. If you can think back to the nicest thing someone has ever said to you, chances are it wasn’t just “Nice shirt!”. We’re willing to bet it was something that couldn’t have been applied to anyone else. A custom compliment, built just for you.

Compliment Generator generates some pretty unique compliments. Compliments the site includes are:

  • In a fight, you could beat two sharks, a bear and five ducks.
  • At the hairdressers, people just point at you and say ‘like that’.
  • You’re the first person I’d look for after an apocalyptic event.
  • You always get the most pub quiz answers right.
  • You’re classier than Sir Patrick Stewart playing a grand piano on a yacht in Monaco.

You just wrote those all down for future reference, right?

Just like giving a unique, and oddly thoughtful compliment, good content is unique. What we’re really saying, here, is that next time you sit down to write something think about what people have heard before, and try to figure out why you’re thinking that too. Maybe it will lead you to say something someone hasn’t heard before.


At Y5, we’re a wonderful mix of thoughtful and silly. If you’re looking for a Creative Digital Agency that gets your sense of humor, and may on occasion dole out a killer compliment, give us a call at 778-379-2177 to talk about TeamPlay!

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