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Web Design: Dead or Alive?

Often times a new idea comes along and it’s a wonderful idea. Then, once it’s come to fruition, the standard is suddenly set. It becomes the high standard for how things are done. From there, unfortunately we begin to rest on our laurels.

It’s easy to accept the standard once it’s been set, especially when we believe it’s better than good enough. You what they say: “If it ain’t broke…”

That said, better than good enough is only good for so long. There is talk going around that Web Designers have stopped dreaming. That all sites now look the same.

A standard was set for what looked good, what online users would find visually appealing, and little has changed.

Due to the set standard, as well as the incorporation of Content, designers have started to create for usability, and have continued on the same path of Standard Avenue.

What we do know is that Content changes when you change the graphic, that the implied brand of a company changes when its website does.

Resting static only means that the world will continue forwards while you stay in the same place. Which is a little like going backwards, really.

The truth is, if we want to change, we may encounter an obstacle or two (or ten). We may not always strike gold every time. However, that doesn’t change the fact that every time we try, we discover new things: what doesn’t work, and eventually, what does.

The point is to keep setting the standard. Keep creativity flowing.


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