Dave Addey is the creator and writer of the site, Typeset In The Future, a website dedicated to the fonts in science fiction films.

How does one get into this line of work? Addey, who is a huge sci-fi fan, began recognizing the same font in many of the movies he watched: Eurostile Bold Extended.

Eurostile Bold Extended has appeared in movies like Star Trek (on the side of a spaceship), Wall-E, and RoboCop.

Dave Addey’s various essays on the types and symbols in sci-fi movies like Alien, and 2001: A Space Odyssey show a totally new side to these films – bringing in new context and colouring the films differently for readers of Addey’s essays.

So much from a type, really?


As digital marketers who do a lot of branding, we understand the importance of type and the visual story it tells.

In film or television, type creates a story that introduces you to context before you even watch the whole thing. It adds detail that may not even be apparent yet.

When we take on a new client and begin our branding process – designing a logo, website, and collateral – we think about the whole brand personality of the business. What details can we relate through type to introduce our client’s target audience to acquaint them with our client’s brand personality and messaging?

It’s about the detail – and we think that every detail matters. So, while you’re paying attention to type in film from now on, also pay attention to the brands around you.


If you want to work with a branding agency that gets the details rights as well as the big picture, get in touch with Y5 Creative at 778-379-2177!


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