These Photographs are Full Movies, in Brand Form

We’re big fans of movies here at Y5. Action, Thriller, Romance, you name it. The process of story-telling is always appealing to us!

An artist, Jason Shulman, takes famous movies and creates Photographs of them. Clearly built upon itself, scene after scene, each abstract photograph has an extreme depth of color, shade, and movement.

Some recognizable films from Shulman’s oeuvre include:



2001: A Space Odyssey

Citizen Kane

The Shining

The Wizard of Oz

Sleeping Beauty


Significantly, if it interesting how, regardless of the same technique used for all film photograph, the results in color palette rather speak to the themes and overall tone of the films. Fantasia is colorful and whimsical; The Shining is dark and sinister.

When we think about it more, Shulman’s representations of these famous films are kind of like a Brand.

At Y5, when we work with a company to either brand them or re-brand them, we take into account all aspects of the business. Who their target audience is, what they want their logo to say about them. Something as simple as the color scheme we choose for a website or content graphics speaks volumes to a company’s brand.

Similarly, each film Shulman photographs tells us everything we need to know about the movie.

So is it possible Shulman’s photographs are actually a representation of each film’s Brand?


What do you think of Shulman’s work? Did any of the photographs surprise you? Let us know in the Comments Section!

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