The Tinder of Color Palettes

If you are thinking about designing a webpage, or repainting your apartment, or dying your hair unicorn style, we have found the solution for color conundrums: ColorCrush.

It’s like the Tinder of Color Palettes. Basically, the website shows you an unlimited amount of palettes and color combinations. If you aren’t into the palette, swipe right. If you are into the colors, swipe left. Simple, right?

As well, if you sign in using Facebook, you can also save all of your “Crushes” for later viewing and comparing.

The site also allows you to view popular or new combinations.  Sounds like a pretty fun way to decide on a new palette for your flat, right?

Regardless of how much fun it is, the site is also an interesting tool. Not only is it a good inspirational device, but also an insight into the aesthetic preferences of others which can be used to our advantage in web design.


Can you think of other applications for ColorCrush? Let us know in the comments section!

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