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The Psychology of Colour

Just how biased are we really when it comes to color?

We don’t often realize just how easily swayed we are towards products or companies based on the color scheme we see.

Some representations are obvious. The perfume you buy has a red bottle to represent love or passion. You choose a granola bar with a green label because it makes you think of nature, and so the product seems more wholesome. Right?

Many times we can tell when a company is marketing itself through specific colors. MacDonald’s uses primary colors, Coca-Cola uses the color red. These brands are encompassing and anything but subtle.

We expect to be maneuvered by large corporation chains, but what around small daily choices? The color of your boss’ tie at the big meeting, or the color scheme of a popular local restaurant are all significant.

How well do you think you understand color? We took this online quiz recently testing just how much you understand colors, and we’re not going boast or anything, but we did alright.



How much do you think color affects our daily lives and choices? Let us know in the comments section below!

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