The Creative Nightmare: Blocked

Designer’s Block, Writer’s Block, whatever it is you do, chances are you’ve hit a block before.

We all get tapped out. We run out of inspiration – especially if we’re undercaffeinated.

Your block will only last the rest of your workday if you let it! In fact, sometimes you just need a good metaphorical slap in the face to get you on a different track. Not worse or better, just different.

Designer’s Block is a fun tool we came across recently that plays into your need to procrastinate, but in a helpful way. It gives your mind a break for a second, and leads you back in the direction you need to go to continue being productive and creative.

What the site does is offer up prompts that get your creative juices flowing again. You’ll find prompts like: “What would Donald Draper do?” to “Write down what you are stuck on” to “Get a cup of coffee”.

Actually not sure if that last one is included, but one can dream.



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