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The Art of Frosting

Why is it that the prettier a dessert is, the more we want to eat it?

We have two theories:


Theory #1: We want to nourish others with food and beauty.

Perhaps it goes back to childhood. Remember when your mother used to make your breakfast in the form of a smiley face? Or cut your sandwiches in the shape of a heart? There is something about someone spending time and effort to send us a simple message that makes food even more delicious.

There’s a reason we say: “It’s made with love.”

There is also something special in feeding someone else – wanting to nourish someone and make them feel full. It may not be a perfect substitution for love, but helping someone feel full on the inside is one way try to make them full emotionally.

So, what it really comes down to is doing everything we can to feed someone we love something beautiful, so they know that we care.


Theory #2: We want to have our cake and eat it too.

Maybe the opposite of our other theory, but hey, we’re going with it.

People want it all these days. Now that there’s a cupcake shop at every corner, gourmet donuts, and many a restaurant in every city fighting for recognition, every extra hand up counts.

If we can get a cupcake at seven different cupcake shops, and they are all delicious, our next question is: Which one is the prettiest?

We feel that businesses and restaurants need to work for our patronage. It’s no longer enough just to have a tasty product. We want to full package, baby.


This NY Times article will take you through the steps of creating delicious frostings for you cakes, as well as How to Frost Your Cakes Correctly. So whether you are giving your sweetie a birthday cake to show you care, or just trying to impress your friends, your cake will look good enough to eat!

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