The 6 Types of Images People Respond Best To

As a digital agency, we’re always choosing images for a variety of platforms – social media, blogs, print. While there isn’t always time to take our own pictures to correspond to our content, especially for every single tweet or Facebook post. As such, we often resort to stock images and creative commons photography.

In general, our job is to make sure we use images that we feel your target audience will respond best to.

And no, it’s not just a subjective taste thing. There are certain themes in images that audiences are more likely to engage positively with.

According to ShutterStock the 6 image types that all people relate best to include:

  1. Portraits
  2. Babies
  3. Animals
  4. Inspiration
  5. Nostalgia
  6. Expressions of Happiness

While ShutterStock gives solid reasons behind the effectiveness of each image category, we see a common denominator among them all – Love.

We all experience living through our connections of love whether they be with family, new birth, animals, or ourselves.

Connection is a big part of what makes what we do at Y5 so special. Something has been coming up quite a bit recently – the idea of “Solutions”. All services we provide, all services or products our clients provide, offer a solution to something.

But solutions aren’t always about identifying our audiences pain points (though that’s also important in the long run), it’s about understanding our audiences. So what we’re really saying is that we will help you learn how to connect with your potential clients, and show them through brand messaging and brand recognition that you are worthy of long term customer loyalty; and we will do that by showing your audience images they connect with!


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