The 10 Most-Watched Ad Videos on YouTube Last Month

Adweek did a round-up of the 10 most watched Ad Videos on YouTube in the month of May.

Among the top watched Ad videos were companies like GoPro, Evian, Lufthansa, and McDonalds. However, the top spot went to a company we wouldn’t expect, Knorr with their #LoveAtFirstTaste video with over 30 million views on YouTube in May alone.

It’s easy to just say these videos were successful because they were extremely creative – which they are. However, why do these viral Ad videos get so many views?

One thing wildly popular marketing content tends to have in common is huge risk.

For instance, the 2nd place winner of the viral videos, Evian, transports us to a world where babies own the surf town. In 10th place, for Cricket Wireless, Moms take back the Selfie by “Photo Mombing” (Photo Mom-Bombing).

Besides the creativity, and hilarity, that went into some of the videos, we still ask: Regardless of which Ad video came in 1st or 10th, which was the most effective in selling a product or service?

The Knorr video, for example, takes advantage of a whole lot of strategies such as: jumping on the bandwagon of the “Two strangers meet for the first time and…” videos; utilizing the themes of romance and dating; creativity by proposing a theory; and they use humor throughout. All the while Knorr highlights the product subtly, and elevates the brand.

Isn’t anyone else a little tempted to go buy all the Knorr food and serve it to their sweetie on date night?

What do you think? Is the list in order of most effective marketing? Do you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments section!

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