Productivity Sounds Like a Piano Bar, Apparently

We all have our little habits when it comes to focusing. Your phone has to rest on the left side of your laptop. She needs a cozy sweater to code. He drinks absurd amounts of coffee. Without our routines there are times we just can’t concentrate.

Background noise is a common necessity for a lot of people when it comes to being productive. If your music has too many lyrics it’s over stimulating. Classical puts you in beast mode but jazz makes you want to dance. It’s different for most people, but regardless most of us need background noise.

So what does productivity sounds like?

Many people who work from home tend to flock to cafes to work. While the simple fact that being alone leads to procrastination, could also be the background noise that helps people work? The sound of milk being made foamy and hot, the rustle of newspaper. is a Website that is geared specifically towards helping people stay productive with the ambient noise of rotating sounds like:


  • Piano Bar
  • Buffet Car
  • Ocean Lounge
  • Street Corner Cafe
  • Rainy Terrace

As well as a few others.


Regardless of whether you’re a hipster or not, ambient noise is often a must to drown out the silence that keeps us going around in circles in our own heads, distracting us from our actual task: Being Productive.


What does Productivity sound like to you? Comment with your favorite background noise!


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