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We are so excited to have been included in ‘The Best Vancouver’s’ list of 10 Best Creative Agencies in Vancouver! Click on the badge below to see what they have ... Read More
Today, the Y5 Creative team is very happy to announce that we’ve been recently named as one of the leading branding companies in Canada. We are honoured to be receiving ... Read More
Based on what the web was like in its earliest years, it would have been difficult to predict what most sites would look like today. Website design and development have ... Read More
The worlds biggest brands do it!! It can be tough to shake off our bias and look at our own business objectively. How do you know when your branding is ... Read More
As a small or mid-sized business, your first priority is your product or service offering. By making sure your product is the best out there, you automatically stand out. Your ... Read More
Do you know why Coca-Cola’s logo is red not blue? Why Starbucks uses green for their logo rather than purple? The colour of a brand is often the strongest visual element ... Read More
A strong brand strategy is a carefully thought out plan that includes both short and long-term goals for developing and growing a brand successfully.  It’s more than solely a name, ... Read More
Similar to the rapid changes with technology and fashion, brands need to have a refresh every six to eight years to stay current.  Over time, brands get tired and that’s ... Read More
"If Coca-Cola were to lose all of its production-related assets in a disaster, the company would survive."  - A Coca-Cola Executive The reason? Because of their in-depth brand style guide ... Read More
Creating a brand identity is the first step your company must take once you’ve settled on your business plan, what service or product you are selling. A brand is everything ... Read More
“The brand is the vehicle that allows you to tell your story and without it, you can’t communicate who you are as a company,” says Founder and Agency Director of ... Read More
There may be other digital marketing agencies out there, but there is no other place like Y5. We’ve got laughs, we’ve got Ralfie, we’ve got candy bars and chips galore. ... Read More
It can be extremely difficult to shake off our bias and look at our own business objectively. How do you know when your branding is stale? You’ve had some great ... Read More
We wrote recently about why picking brand colours is important. However, we know while we’re not asking you to decided right here and now, even coming up with inspiration can ... Read More
How do I know it’s time to update my website? A question we all ask – even us! When is it time to pivot into a new direction when we’re ... Read More
You come into the Y5 office. You are greeted by our smiling faces, a cute doggo, a yummy snack from the “friending machine”, and a coffee at our THINK table. ... Read More
As a business, one of your main goals is to develop a strategy that will get your name and brand out there. One strategy we’re fond of for raising brand ... Read More
You can’t always rely on word of mouth and window shoppers to generate business for you. In order to achieve the level of brand success you wish for; it is ... Read More
You may think that if you provide great services and products that is enough to generate a strong, and loyal customer base. However, these days it’s not. If you want ... Read More
Quite a few times, we’ve met with new business owners who have probably looked around online to learn about rates and common practices within the digital marketing and graphic design ... Read More
Y5 provides many different digital marketing services for business of difference sizes and ages. Branding is one of the services we provide – whether you need a pivot or are ... Read More
It may be that you have only been in business for 3 years; it may be that you have been in business for 30 years. There comes a time when ... Read More
If your present branding is feeling stale, you’re not getting the results you’re looking for, or you don’t feel like your current branding has the momentum and power to take ... Read More
The truth is websites matter very much. Even more so if you are trying to build momentum around your brand or are a relatively new business. While older, more established ... Read More

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