Photography and Digital Marketing: Same Thing?

As far as the arts and marketing are concerned, you may think that the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive – that they are, in fact, relatable. Right?

What if we narrow it down to taking a single photograph though? Still feel the same?

While a lot of people would fashion themselves amateur photographers, photography is really an art form. Truthfully most of us limit our photo-taking capabilities to our iPhones.

WIRED sat down with three professional photographers to learn a little more about how we can all up our camera game.

Besides some tips about how we can get more likes on our Instagram, we also took away a notion that taking the perfect photo is not so dissimilar from digital marketing at large.

The three photographers highlight their advice with two pictures – a glass of whiskey and a stiletto.


A few of their tips are as follows:


  • “Fake it (Don’t Make It)”

For the shot of the whiskey glass, rather than using real ice, acrylic cubes were used instead – though you wouldn’t know. The idea is that you want a photo to look like real life, but better.

Similarly, when we brand a business, or create content for those people, we attempt to create a persona and voice that represents the core values of our client as the best version of that idea.

As well, while we’re all for honing our photography skills, we can’t just snap the perfect shot every single time we need an accompanying photo for our content. Instead we use stock photos to ensure that our images are as appealing as possible.


  • “Photoshop Your Background”

When it comes to professional looking images, nothing is ever perfect. Lighting isn’t where it should be in real life, and the background is the wrong colour. Your whites aren’t as white as you want.

That’s where Photoshop comes in, and as Graphic Designers do, ours has Photoshop open a lot.  If you’ve noticed, we use filters on a blog images. That’s just one example of how we manipulate images to brand our work.


  • “Light It Up”

Lighting, as even us laymen know, is crucial to photography. Lighting allows us to show off a person or object at their best; lighting lets us highlight the interesting points that may have faded into the background otherwise.

In marketing, we do this by using our own mediums. Writers, Web Designers, really any profession has a set of tools at their fingertips cabapale of highlighting whatever it is we are presently focused on in its best light.

The really cool thing about a place like Y5? We have a group of super talented and passionate people who all have different skills that when combined create a really beautiful picture.


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