Passing on the Fiery Torch of Knowledge Thanks to Social Media

One thing we love about Social Media (and there really are so many things to love), is all of the information sharing just floating around waiting to be read.

It’s like being a kid in a candy store – What will I find today that will satisfy my yearnin’ for learnin’?

Well today, reading through NPR, the title What Are Our Best Clues To The Evolution Of Fire-Making? popped up.

This kind of article perfectly captures what we’re talking about. The history of fire – does it get much more human than that?

The awesomeness of access to information is mind-blowing. Of course, with so much information out there it is so important to think for yourself; the fact remains, however, that we get to read all of this information and educate ourselves enough to come to our own conclusions.

Through online discussing we get to share all that information, which is pretty cool.

As digital marketers who believe in inbound marketing strategy, we rely on proving the legitimacy and uniqueness of the brands we work with through the sharing of informative and engaging content.

We get to share information regarding the history, facts, interests, and subtleties of the industries and particular products relating to our clients. It may not be the history of fire, but it is the making of history for some really fantastic people we believe in very much.

To us that is a part of the human experience – igniting others and watching them develop.

The privilege of getting to share that great content with the various target audiences of our clients is not lost on us and is a main reason we are so fond of social media.


How does social media help you do your job? Tell us in the comments section!

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