At Y5 Creative, we are Halloween people. As creatives we love dressing up and being silly (lots of silliness in our office).

While our costumes for Halloween day will be a surprise, we have compiled a list of some of our favourite Digital/Nerdy Costumes for Halloween.

These are all pretty easy, so if you don’t have costume yet, now you have no excuse!


Here are our top 5 Digital Marketing Halloween Costumes:


  1. Snapchat ghost winking.
    The Snapchat Ghost

Everyone knows Ghosts are so spooooky. Try an updated version with an homage to a favourite app: Snatchat!

Imagine all the fun you’re having Halloween night and someone takes out their phone to Snapchat the festivities, and there you are! Snapchat in a Snapchat! It’s like Inception, for apps.

So choose your favourite Snap Ghost face and and sheet, and get colouring.



  1. Internet Trolls

A very easy group costume. Forget Troll Dolls – so 5 years ago.

Grab a coloured wig, hairspray, and some paper to cut up and write “Facebook” or “Youtube” on and stick it to yourself. Oh, and don’t forget your best grimace!


  1. Content King (Or Queen)

We all know Content is King. Be the best!

All you need is a crown, a cape (or robe), and a few magazines or books to carry around!


  1. The Copy Cat

While we’re all for throwing some cat ears on and calling yourself a cat for Halloween, you can do better. Why not be the Copy Cat?

You can still re-use those fluffy ears you’ve worn for 5 straight years, just make the small addition of a “Ctrl + C” picture to paste to your stomach or wear around your neck on a string. Easy, right?


  1. Error 404 Page

If you’re really not a Halloween person (you’re wrong, by the way), then the classic cop-out costume is for you:

Not only is it the literally least amount of effort you could put into a costume, but it also ties in to our Digital Theme. All you need is an old T-Shirt and and a pen. You’re welcome.


Call Y5 today at 778-379-2177 to talk about TeamPlay and how we can help you (though we’re pretty sure you won’t need help with a costume after reading this blog)!


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