Organizing Your Desk Might Make You More Productive

Einstein famously quoted: “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”

Well, Robert Half has jumped in on the conversation in true Robert Half form – if the state of your desk reflects the state of your mind, then can’t it go the other way? What if you could organize the state of your desk to positively affect your mind?

What if the right work station set-up could improve your creativity, productivity, and efficiency?

Their tips include reducing visual clutter, adding a personal touch, or keeping cleaning supplies on hand to dust off your area.

In fact, the article notes that organizing according to workflow may even be beneficial – this means incoming items (phone, inbox, computer, devices) on the left, a clear work space in the middle, and outgoing items (staplers and completed paperwork) on the right.

As creatives, we thrive on being busy and problem solving, but that does mean that papers tend to stack up, and coffee cups end up resting exactly where you put them down and forgot.

You may feel most comfortable in a little bit of cozy chaos– a creature of habit, your pens HAVE TO BE on your left side – but if it would make a difference isn’t it worth the change? They say anything can become a habit.

Would you try organizing your work space differently to increase productivity?

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