New Applications and Old Memories

Many new parents like to start “Baby Books” where they can record all of the special moments in their child’s life, so that when their precious tot is old enough, they can read and share in those important memories.

Understandably, parents want to remember every detail of this amazing little person they made. The only issue is that this book is a physical object. And objects get lost or ruined as we move houses, and pack up random possessions for storage.

People have been moving to different media to save memories, pictures, videos, and messages for their children for later access – parents are preserving memories in emails.

For modern families that don’t like collecting too many things, the email memory bank is a great option. It’s the ability to preserve cherished experiences in a way that won’t get lost or ruined with coffee stains or a flooded basement.

Not to mention that emails allow the ability to edit – writing by hand in a book can be cramped, and pencil fades over time, so if you make a mistake in pen you end up with a messy crossed out page and not enough space to add more. Making your own scrap book is also pretty tedious if you’re not into DIY.

Emails afford parents a reprieve from lost-memory angst. You can film your child with your iPad, and the send the video to a draft from that device, and finish the email later on your cell phone once the kids are asleep and you’re watching Netflix with your feet up.

Y5 loves applications of modern technology. Many parents take to Facebook and Instagram to share pictures of their children as they grow older – digital photo albums, if you will. While an old saying may have been “It takes a village to raise a child”, now you have the whole world at your fingertips.

Looking for birthday party ideas or natural eczema remedies? You have all of your friends and family in one place to ask.

Where parenting a young child will always be no cake-walk (though worth it), parents now can share experiences and joys much quicker and easier.


Have you been using technology as a parent to preserve memories or share experiences? What social media platforms have you used? Let us know below in the comments section!

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