Merriam-Webster Added 1,000 New Words, What Does this Mean for You?

Mirriam-Webster just added 1,000 new words to the dictionary. The last decade has seen a huge shift in language – especially with how connected we are over the internet, there is more opportunity to share and for people to say “Hey! I like that, I’m going to use that!”. From famous memes to commonly used slang, it’s a whole new world and we’re okay with it.

Every use the word “Photobomb”? Guess what – “Photobomb” was not in Mirriam-Webster before this!

So what? You may be saying.

Think about how language evolves, and how we, as a society get to choose the future of communication based on the words we use.

Anyone remember a book called Frindle? You may not, no worries.

Frindle was about a young boy who decided he was going to try and see if he could create a new word and based on how much he used it, that it would catch on and be used in place of the old word. The word he was trying to replace? Pen.

Yep, the boy thought he could replace the word ‘pen’ with ‘frindle’. And for a while it worked. It actually spreads (mostly within his school and town; this is a children’s book, after all).

Without realizing it, in real life we catch on to new words all the time – rad, far-out, on fleek, fire, the list goes on.

As we add words to our vocabulary, and as some of them stick, they become part of our dialect and the next move it make them permanent.

Here’s some of the words and phrases just added to the dictionary:

Geek out
Ride shotgun
Throw shade
First world problem

You may be surprised some of these words were not already words.

Some words are mere trends, that won’t last long enough to be taken noted of and entered into the dictionary. Others seem to creep in and come to represent who we are in that era (not sure what words like binge-watch and photobomb mean about our generation).

That all said, the evolution of popular language is a testament to moving forward and embracing modern culture – including digital marketing techniques.

See how we made that connection? Really though, the truth is that when it comes to marketing, you need to know that keeping up with current trends and media is so crucial.

Like current events, how much you know can either include you in a conversation or slowly close the circle to exclude you completely.

If you don’t understand, Y5 is patient enough to explain and will lead you towards your marketing goals in 2017.

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