Lessons from James Bond and Roger Moore

Ian Fleming’s James Bond may be one of the most famous franchises in the world. The books and movies have something for everyone – adventure, love, action, mystery, and really cool gadgets.

This May 23rd, 2017, Roger Moore, favourite Bond portrayer to many (definitely ours), passed away at the age of 89. WIRED took a look at Roger Moore’s best Bond gadgets over the years, including his Wrist Dart-Gun in Moonraker, as well as his Apple Watch-precursor, the G757 Wristwatch from Octopussy.

While all of us at Y5 are sad for the loss of Roger Moore, this list got us thinking about the James Bond gadgets and the way they evolved over time.

All Bond gadgets were super cool, and some even unbelievable (like the Rolex Submariner in Live and Let Die). You can always count on Bond to drive the most cutting edge, beautiful cars (and crash them in a glorious action scene), and manage brand-new technology with ease and ingenuity.

James Bond may just be a character, but the way that he adapts and finds ways to utilize modern (albeit generally fictional) tech to his advantage is a lesson to all of us who work in digital marketing and social media – and everyone, really.

No matter how Bond gadgets change, they are always cool and fun. If we can adapt to change and realize these new tools can help us live our lives, we can live more adventurously and achieve our goals more smoothly.

Social media and marketing techniques will continue to change and evolve, we just have to keep taking chances and remaining open to possibilities as it all happens. In the end of the day, a Submariner can be used to tell time, but it can do so much more; it’s just how you use it.


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