Learning How to Cook with Gordon Ramsay

Have you ever called up your mother for a recipe that’s been in the family for generations? Teaching and passing along information has always been an important part of family tradition.

When it comes to recipes, at least, my mother would pull out an old little box full of “recipe cards”. Now, for the beginner home cook, these recipe cards were of little help. 1 tablespoon of this, a half cup of that, make a roux.

What the fork is a roux?!

Early forays into cooking were disasters to say the least. It wasn’t until I called up my mother and had her show me in person, or take me through the recipe step by step on the phone, that I learned.

Some knowledge should not be assumed. There will always be things to learn and to teach others.

Here we come to my main point: Thank goodness for the internet!

The internet taught me, well pretty much everything. With Youtube How To videos, and thousands of blogs filled with information, you have your choice of how you learn best.

Basic instructions, written by someone who took for granted that anyone reading them would already know, and not mention isn’t around to explain, is of no help.

Similarly, even Gordon Ramsay can’t explain to an average guy with just his voice how to make a simple crab cake with pre-prepared ingredients (see the video below).

As a viewer, with a pause and rewind button, I feel pretty confident that with a little more than 15 minutes I might be able to stand a chance at his dish – but then again, I have the internet, not just a list of the ingredients.

At Y5, we won’t just leave you in the dark. We know that our clients come to us for a variety of reasons whether it is lack of time, or lack of knowledge on how to accomplish their digital marketing goals.

We will be patient, we will explain, share resources, and we’ll show you if need be.

We believe in inbound marketing for ourselves, as well as for our clients; basically we believe in informative content that internet users will find  useful well-written, which will earn you brand legitimacy and customer loyalty.



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