It’s Okay to Excuse Yourself

We came across this website that creates excuses – a Cop-out Generator, if you will. Basically the site comes up with farfetched, or not so farfetched, excuses for you to use when you’re behind on a project or just didn’t feel like showing up to the party last night.


Excuses range from:


  • Creative Ditching: “There are cops around, I’ll call you later.”


  • Honest Pessimism: “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.”


  • Unlikely Fantasies: “Leonardo DiCaprio called me to Netflix and chill last night.”


So why are we talking about ditching plans? And what does the art of the cop-out have to do with Social Media?

Well, if we take a pessimistic look at relationships (all kinds: friendships, love, business), then relationships exists on a sort of pyramid structure where the person at the top cares the least.

We all know that there’s that kid in every room you want to notice you. The more they don’t notice you the more you want to be their friend.

Similarly, if you look on Twitter, the really influential brands, often don’t follow a lot of people (like celebrities), but they have an absurd amount of followers.

Why don’t they follow you back? They’re probably too busy actually Netflix and Chilling with DiCaprio.

See where we’re going with this? Creative excuses are kind of like being an influencer, or a celebrity, on Social Media.

The two may seem completely opposite – Social Media is all about being friendly and engaging, after all! However, there’s a bit of a dark side to Social too; waiting and praying for the attention of someone cooler than you.

How do you use this theory to your advantage? Don’t overload your audience with content. Share relevantly, share frequently (but not too frequently); don’t try to be everyone’s friend; target with specific hashtags; and be creative!

So friends, you have our permission to stay in this week, give any excuse you like, and watch the friend requests file in – because, you know, you were too cool to come bowling last night because Marty McFly showed up at your doorstep saying he just got back from the Future.

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