Is Nostalgia an Effective Marketing Strategy?

We’re constantly seeing the revival of different decades in industries like fashion and interior design.

There comes a point where we ask ourselves if we actually like these styles or if our positive reaction to these brands is more so based on nostalgia.

Hopefully the majority have mostly positive memories of growing up. Regardless of whether our youth and experiences were really that good we still tend to view the past in a more positive light when things were simpler. We idealize eras we didn’t live in thinking – “If only I have been alive in the 40’s!”

The film industry, fashion, and interior decorators have all incorporated nostalgia for decades past into their aesthetics to appeal to different generations or to turn something old new again.

What about web design or apps, though? Most web developers would balk at websites from the 80’s.

What if we were to use simply the colour palettes, style, and themes of earlier decades? Would it still appear too obvious? Would the design suffer as a result of simplified layout?

In an ideal world, what would nostalgic web design look like?

Shutterstock created a few videos highlighting modern products, but marketed as if it were the zany 90’s, complete with purple sparkles.

Take a look:

Do you think these products are more or less effective with the nod (vigorous nod) to the 90’s? Let us know in the comments section!

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