Since the still-recent decision to change the Instagram logo, there have been all kind of responses aimed at the app.

While many still prefer the old logo – a more retro version take – there are an abundance of Instagram users who have not only embraced the new image, but have taken inspiration from it.

Using the Hashtag #MyInstagramLogo artists are submitting their versions of the Instagram logo using a variety of materials and submitting them to the app.

It’s both hilarious and adorable to see Instagramed photos of Instagram. It’s like showing up to a birthday party with a framed picture of the birthday boy/girl as a present.

Included in the materials used to recreate the Instagram logo are: flower petals, Lego pieces, origami, crayons, and some very milky coffee.

We have to say, some of these recreations are gorgeous. As huge lovers of Social Media, we only have one question: Can we get these in print?


What do you think of these Instagram Posts? Let us know in the Comments section!


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