Illustrated Interview: Marge Simpson

When it comes to representing our clients, we do our best to get to know them and their brand personality so well that impersonating them is easy!

We’re talking writing and designing on their behalf, of course – we would never just walk around the office impersonating our clients for fun.

The point is that what we do is hugely based on communication with you, the client, not just so that we feel in the loop (that’s important, too), but also so that we can represent you and you brand to the absolute best of our ability and that only happens when we know you.

That’s why we start off every client relationship with what we call a discovery; a kind of interview where we ask some regular questions and some questions you may not understand why we’re asking. But let me tell you, we’ve been doing this for a while, so we know which questions are the most telling.

We liked this illustrated interview from the NY Times featuring Marge Simpson for a different reason than we usually love the illustrated interviews for; it’s very interesting to watch an illustrated interview from an illustrated character, a person that doesn’t actually exist.

That said, we have all been well acquainted with the Simpsons family for a very, very, very long time, and most of us could probably answer most of those questions pretty well.

However, if we consider Marge Simpson to be a brand in and of her blue-haired, fabulous self, then the NY Times interview is actually very similar to the digital marketing and that we do!

Perhaps Y5 should start a series of our own illustrated interviews where we answer interviews as our clients?

Kidding! We would never draw cartoons of our clients for fun and not for inbound marketing purposes.

Just remember though, we could. If you want to work with people who know your business personality, who understand your brand to a T, and who will do their best to represent you and your marketing goals, give Y5 call!

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