Illustrated Interview Chef Edition: Anthony Bourdain

Gotta say, we’re beginning to become a wee bit obsessed with the NY Times Illustrated Interviews.

It’s really quite interesting how much you can learn about someone in 50 seconds, through a series of simple illustrations and one word answers.

If you remember (or not), we recently took a look at an Illustrated Interview with Tim Burton. Since Time Burton has been dealing with illustration practically his whole life, the idea of an interview done through pictures seemed fully appropriate.

An illustrated interview that was not expected? Anthony Bourdain. Not that we’re not for it. We’re all for Anthony Bourdain drawing pictures. Guess what? He’s actually really good! He’s an amazing chef, but also a really fine artist!

While his illustrations are certainly nothing to balk at, his answers to all questions are both simple yet indicative.

When asked “What makes you smile?” Bourdain answers in word: Love.

And when asked to invent a useful kitchen tool? Obviously an offset serrated knife with a laser beam! Duh, what else?

From Bourdain’s interview, we learn he is both romantic and playful; which is actually quite a lot considering the time limit on the interview.

When we think about our friendships and circle of association, it takes months to get to know someone.

We tend to start with pleasantries, and only introduce information about ourselves we feel other people will respond positively to.

What if we were to ask questions of each other, and were only allowed to give straight-up answers – no elaborations, no back stories or explanations; just answers, like a pop quiz.

How much could someone learn about you in 50 seconds?


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