Illustrated Interview: Anderson Cooper

We love our illustrated interviews at Y5- it’s such an interesting way to get to know someone. Often, many of the interviewees surprise us; after all, a picture is worth a thousand words, so that’s basically a whole essay!

A recent interview was with Anderson Cooper. You know who that is, right? Everyone does whether they have watched his show or not – he’s quite the prominent figure in TV and news. He is known for his humor, his wit, and for his political savviness. Basically, he’s famous for having an opinion.

What surprised us most about his interview was that it was so average. For such a zany TV personality, it appears his private life is very grounded.

His favourite memory is getting pizza with his father and he eats oatmeal for breakfast. Not exactly what you’d expect.

In contrast with some of the other illustrated interviews we’ve discussed on the Y5 blog, including Tim Burton, and Anthony Bourdain, Anderson Cooper’s personal needs (binging drama shows for down time, and craving a Big Mac) are not anything to write home about.

Perhaps that’s the point though?

When we hold our discoveries at Y5 when we take on a new client, some people become confused with two questions:

What is your personality like? Describe in a few words.
What is your business personality?

Those are two very different things, and really comes down to branding. A business brand, or a personal brand, is not always the same as who we are. Think of it like an alter ego. Clark Kent and Superman.

Superman isn’t afraid to get into a fight, he’s brave and has a little sass with his one-liners. Clark Kent on the other hand is humble, a bit of a dweeb.

However, just because Superman represents the best in Clark Kent does not mean that Clark isn’t the best in Superman. He’s necessary in keeping Superman grounded and in reminding him of who he is protecting.

Kind of like average-guy Anderson Cooper who Netflixes like the rest of us, and TV Anderson Cooper with an eagle on his shoulder and a raised eyebrow.

So when we ask you to describe yourself and then your business self, we’re asking for both sides of you, so that we can create your brand keeping in mind the balance of who you are and your best qualities.


Check out Anderson Cooper’s video below!

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