5 Reasons Y Surveys Can Work For You

Most people have the focus of a puppy these days. So while you’re trying to learn about your audience, you’re constantly asking yourself: How can I learn about my Audience if I can’t hold their attention long enough to ask?

Sure, we can go on Social, look at where our targets are getting together to hangout and discuss, but that doesn’t always give us the fast answers we’re looking for.

One way we, as marketers like to get information is through surveys. Surveys give us the precise answers we want, without the guesswork of trial and error.

That all said, most of us don’t like taking surveys. They take up time, and most of the time the questions aren’t interesting enough to hold our attention. This is a huge challenge in marketing right now.


So how do we engage with Surveys? Here are 5 Tips.


  1. Use Incentives Whenever Possible

It’s a tried and true fact – people love incentives. By providing something, or the possibility of something (contest, anyone?), people are more willing to focus their energy on the task at hand.


  1. Create Surveys Compatible With Mobile

We are huge advocators for designing for mobile. People spend so much time with their phones these days. Designing your survey so that is compatible with mobile makes it easier for your audience to do what you are asking of them.


  1. Keep Them Participating

Doing everything you can to make this process as painless as possible will keep your audience moving forward with you through the survey. Try to keep the Questions under 20 and keep the questions as short and concise as possible. As well, try constructing open-ended questions so that your audience feels involved as well as prompted to give more information.


  1. Provide Encouragement

If we remember high school correctly, it was always the middle of the test in which we became suddenly exhausted and bored. For this reason it is a good idea to provide encouragement in small ways.

Explain the purpose of the survey at the beginning – so your audience understands there is a rhyme and reason to this excruciating survey you’re making them take. Try putting in a progress bar so that when that middle point comes, the person taking the survey can see the end is actually quite near. Lastly, it may be a good idea to include a “Save Progress” Button.


  1. Don’t Allow for Distractions

Finally, don’t allow for Distractions! Steer clear of videos and graphics – not only are they distracting, but they also load slower on mobile.



Surveys can be useful tools to gather data from prospective clients as well as current clients. Y5 can help you construct your content, create an online strategy, or design and print a Direct Mail campaign for you.


For information and Samples, call 778-379-2177 to talk about how we can help you with TeamPlay today!

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