Maybe you’ve heard of the game Dots? The Dots app, and its sequels Two Dots and Dots & Co., have been downloaded over 100 million times. Pretty significant, if you ask us.

We’ve played Dots before, once or twice (or a gazillion times) in our day. If you haven’t, basically it’s just about connecting colored dots to each other in order to get rid of them. Quite simple, really.

Over and over again, you ask? Why, yes. Over and over again you connect the dots. You know what? It is extremely pleasant!

According to an article from WIRED, “Games are still in the process of trying to evolve beyond their baggage as kids culture,” notes Frank Lantz, game designer of New York University Game Center.

Most of us, at Y5, are not serious gamers or really gamers of any type (there may be one or two of us who are). Dots is not like a lot of games. It doesn’t feel competitive like a lot of games do.

Is that what makes Dots  suited to the average adult? Sure, we could be playing some Minecraft or Zelda, or other games the young whippersnappers used to play back in our day, but you know what we really want? A little peace.

While big adventures are great, and we definitely need to fit them in somewhere, daily what we want is distraction and some catharsis. We want something that calms and appeases our need to control a little bit of what is going on while still enjoying ourselves.

Just as Dots seems to be the game for adults, Social Media is kind of like passing notes for adults – without the guilt.

It makes sense, really. For all of the things that we, as adults, like now there is a childhood counterpart. It comes down to nostalgia, really. For Dots we had Tetris and Smash Bros. For Social Media, there were messages on bathroom stalls and, later, MySpace.

Aren’t you glad we grew up?




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