Hot Dog Toppings Have Nothing to Do with Social Media

How do you take your hot dog? Mustard? Ketchup? Mustard, ketchup, and every other topping available at the picnic table?

According to foodies, ketchup is a no-no for hot dogs. While most people just buy what’s at the grocery store, there are different varieties of hot dogs but they still share some general taste profiles: umami, saltiness, sweetness.

Given the flavor profile of a hot dog, palate rules suggest complementary flavours – like the spicy, bitter, and savory flavours of mustard.

So why do people even put ketchup on hot dogs? It’s so sweet.

It may go back to when you were a baby. When you’re young, the most important thing is to grow, so you crave sweet things because we need the calories. Children also love vibrant colours. However, as we age, we develop different palates for food and colour.

Photo by Larry Hoffman

However, taste geneticists suggest that while a more mature palate is developed with age, a lot of taste preference is learned. Then of course, there’s different kinds of hot dogs, which, while sharing some general profile elements, are still different and would therefore require different toppings.

So, while foodies may agree that ketchup on a hot dog is a no-no, it doesn’t detract from the fact that ketchup is delicious.

Yes, we are going to talk about digital marketing now. If you were just here for the hot dog chit chat, too bad.

When we create social media strategies, or campaigns, we know there are best practices, best posting times, certain image themes, etc., that work.

That all said, every business we work with is different, and they know what they like – so we see no harm in trying out something else; it may not work, but it may also reap fantastic results (we suggest putting some potato chips in your hot dog bun, by the way).

The point is that there may be best practices, but everyone finds something that works for them. Businesses are all different, like different kinds of hot dogs, and so different toppings of strategies work and taste absolutely delectable.


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