Here’s What a Moon Globe Says About Science and Technology

In a recent issue of WIRED, What An Old Moon Globe Says About the Nature of Science, the author finds an old moon globe in a science lab.

Why does this even matter? Just an old moon globe, right? Wrong, according to the author of the article.

Unlike other moon globes you may find, the back of this one is completely blank.

As the writer points out – the omission is intentional and the reason behind is obvious: the globe was created from earth’s perspective.

“As best I can tell, Edmund Scientific made this globe around 1960, shortly after the Soviet Union made the first photograph of the far side of the moon with the Luna 3 probe. And that is what makes this globe so awesome—it comes from a time when people had no idea what was on the other side of the moon.”

The world has changed a lot since then and we take a lot of it for granted; that we can send astronauts to the moon is a given. That we can communicate with someone on the other side of the world in real time is just a thing many of us grew up with.

Consider what the world will be like in another decade.

So yes, a very good demonstration of science, and of a lot of other things in this world that continue to progress.

There will certainly come a time when we will say – “I can’t believe we used to type out blogs!” or “Can you believe people didn’t know how to transform into animals?”. Maybe that’s a little too far-fetched. Or maybe it isn’t – we didn’t know what the other side of the moon looked like in the 50’s, after all.

All we’re saying is that we, at Y5, are very excited to watch the future of communication, technology, and marketing change over time!

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