Embracing Playful Marketing

If you have ever met a Y5er, or stopped in for a coffee, you’ll know we’re quite a cheeky bunch.

At Y5, we love to laugh. Don’t misunderstand, we get a lot done – we’re also a productive lot. However, we also believe that our culture, how much we enjoy each other’s company and exchanging jokes throughout the day, makes our work more effective and more creative.

A little cheekiness helps us think outside the box. We also believe our enthusiasm shows in our work. Unlike the common cold, our culture is something you’ll be happy you caught.

Shutterstock wrote an article about how more brands are beginning to see the value in “Playful Marketing”; that is smile-inducing work that focuses on how the marketing makes you feel as opposed to the specific product.

“The idea is that you walk into a store, see the product, and feel the happy feelings that you got when you saw the ad. Then, those feelings make you want to purchase that product.”

At Y5, we like to think that we retain our clients because we do great work, but also because they like us a lot!

Think about it, you choose your friends carefully. When you think about times you enjoyed yourself most with them it was when you were having fun and laughing – and that was a bonding experience.

The same can often be said of marketing. Putting a smile on someone’s face increases their positive association with the brand thus making it more likely they will remember that product and that business, and increases the chance that they will purchase that product.

Humor increases brand engagement, and that is something we like to see!

If you’re interested in working with a digital marketing agency that likes strong marketing strategy, and a good joke, then stop by to grab a snack out of our “Friending Machine” and stay for a coffee! Give us a call – 778-379-2177 to meet with us!

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