Do You Know How and When to Drink Coffee According to Italian Custom?

You’ve finally found the time and money to make it to Italy for a vacation. How great life is!

You find the perfect spot outside at the café after spending the morning at a museum. The sun is high in the sky and you order, with the perfect pronunciation of a local – a cappuccino. The waiter looks at you like you are insane.

What did you do? You are sure you pronounced it perfectly.

Well here’s the thing – you did! Only, you ordered a cappuccino after late morning, and no real Italian would dream of such a thing.

According to Italian custom, cappuccino is considered a breakfast beverage never, ever to be consumed after late morning.

Here’s the thing, every country adapts and alters the customs of other cultures to suit their own tastes and needs. That said, when we travel, most of us want to be able to feel comfortable applying those customs in their proper form.

We have travel books, and many of them have great tips, but content sharing has opened up the world to accessible information regarding the cultures of other places as well as the how to apply them so you don’t offend anyone or end up blushing and embarrassed.

There happen to be many customs and rituals that go along with caffeine consumption in Italy – and they may not all be in your travel book.

Instead, at the edge of your fingertips you have tips, advice, and travel blogs from experts, fellow travelers, and the like.

Basically, doing your research has gotten a whole lot easier.

For a lot of our clients, deciding to take the plunge into digital marketing strategy or re-branding, is a whole new culture that can feel like it consists of a different language altogether.

We encourage you to do your research by making use of all the information out there – whether by checking out business competitors on social media, or reading blogs (like this one) on the different best practices of digital marketing.


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