Connection Lost: The Tinder Opera

Did you know that the first opera was performed onstage roughly 400 years ago? Past decades have seen the form adapted from stage to other emerging platforms – the 20’s and 30’s heard operas over the radio, and in the 50’s operas were adapted for television. Still, there’s nothing like seeing an opera performed in front of you and experiencing the emotion and strength of voice in a theater onstage.

Now, for a new generation of music enjoyers, a company called Rainy Park Opera has created opera for the internet. The title of the opera we’re discussing today? You guessed it, “Connection Lost: The Tinder Opera”. (Watch the full opera at the bottom)

“Connection Lost: The Tinder Opera” follows a young man around New York, where he moves from place to place in search of connection and love. Only he’s using Tinder so he sees only his screen, just like all of the women he encounters.

The Tinder Opera was scored for 10 female singers, two male singers, a couple pianists, and a string quartet. Not bad. All musicians and singers volunteered their skills, so the budget for the online film was just $2000. Already, a backer has offered to pay for a sequel.

So how does this all fit into Social Media and digital marketing?

One thing we can’t stress enough is how much we love the accessibility of the internet. Anything you need to learn, anyone you want to connect with, anything you want to see (including opera), is all at the edge of your fingertips.

Opera has a long history, as we mentioned at the beginning of the blog. For some, the culture opera represents feels a little out of reach – especially since a lot of the classics are performed in other languages.

Opera, for us at least, has always been about performance and emotion; so regardless of whether you speak the language or know the story, there is something very visceral about opera.

So for those of a younger generation who haven’t come to the form just yet, maybe sticking to their vinyl and Spotify, an opera for the internet is a huge opportunity to engage a this target audience and show them what opera is about – connection.

That said, there’s an interesting parody going on. Tinder has been in the media for a while now – it helps a lot of people meet other people, perhaps even find partners sometimes. However, many feel apps like Tinder, as well as technology at large, has disrupted face-to-face communication.

So we ask – was a digital opera the only way in this era to reach music lovers who won’t look up from their screens?



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